There’s no difference between your goals and ours. We battle and win together.

Purpose and Performance Group supports exceptional leaders who build effective teams and create engaging workplaces where everyone wins… from front line to bottom line.  We do this through leveraging clear organizational purpose that clarifies and aligns company goals

Along the way we identify, prioritize, and close performance gaps. It’s all that simple. The reality, though, is we can address performance improvement in many ways. Check out these areas of expertise and let’s make time to find a starting place that addresses your unique needs. Contact us to start a conversation.

High Performance Infrastructure

Sometimes we realize it’s just time. Recalibrating our business systems is a big undertaking, but essential when we find ourselves spending our time doing the urgent instead of important. This is true when we experience growth, are using dated strategies, or see misalignment in processes or people. Our mission critical services allow you to take a step back and identify the why’s of the business while crafting alignment between purpose, strategy, execution, and the people doing the work.

  • Purpose Discovery
  • Service Commitments
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operating System/Business Model Definition
  • Leadership Practices
  • High Performance Teams
  • Establishing Accountability
  • Employer Branding

Explore High Performance Infrastructure Resources HERE. 

Intentional Execution

Clear purpose and strategy is useless without people doing the work. Whether it’s clearly communicating purpose and strategy, identifying competency gaps, or elevating knowledge, skills, and abilities of team members, our execution services bring intentionality into daily work. Our commitment to focus on developing while doing means every improvement initiative becomes a learning experience.

  • Performance Measurement
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Communication Plans
  • Task Teams
  • Team Member Onboarding

Explore Intentional Execution Resources HERE. 


So you have a company that is clear on why it exists and is effective at doing stuff. Good enough? Maybe for other leaders. Not for you. We believe a company that learns can be ready for anything. Key leader leaves? No problem. Learning organizations have a pipeline of high performers ready to fill the gap. Regulations change or a new competitor enters the market? No worries. You can out-innovate any competition. People drive sustainability, and our passion elevating the performance of people.

  • One on One Coaching
  • Coaching Training & Certification
  • High Performer Programs
  • Emerging Leader Programs
  • Supervisor/Manager Training
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Goal Attainment Principles

Explore Sustainability Resources HERE. 

Talent Retention

Performance is determined by the people who do the work. Their performance is determined by the internal services supporting them. We align the systems that support people to the purpose of the company. Excellent practices support excellent people who do excellent work. For growing small businesses trying to figure out this whole HR thing, or companies of thousands ready for the next step of intentionality, our talent retention services take people strategies off the back burner to deliver results.

  • Selection
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Development
  • Retention & Succession Planning
  • Rewards & Recognition

Explore Talent Retention Resources HERE. 

Analytics & Research

As much as we like to pretend we’re cool kids, our team is made up of people with advanced degrees who can’t help but nerd out. We love research. We build, deliver, and evaluate assessments, surveys, and other scientifically valid tools that give us real insights into human and business performance. Our commitment to analysis compels us to collect baseline data before each program. If engagement, profitability, or other target metrics fail to respond, we apply deep knowledge to course-correct and ensure we deliver on our promise to elevate performance.

  • Internal Brand Perception
  • Team Member Engagement
  • Leadership Practices
  • Talent Assessment
  • Operational Effectiveness

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