Magic in the Room #58: Ignitor Mindset w/ Special Guest Dr. Bob Schooley

In the final episode of our Mindset series, Luke, Chris, Hannah, and special guest Bob Schooley discuss a new idea: Ignitor Mindset. People with an Ignitor Mindset combine a Growth Mindset and an Outward Mindset. Leaders with an Ignitor Mindset can inspire their teams to take on new challenges while also ensuring everyone succeeds. The good news is that you can develop an Ignitor Mindset with effort and hard work.

On this podcast, the hosts have already talked about what mindset is. They have also talked about growth versus fixed mindset and inward versus outward mindset. If you layer over those concepts, you get four different profiles. But what is an igniter mindset? For Bob Schooley, igniters also share a growth mindset where they see limitless possibilities and a sky is the limit outlook.


Bob has always been a glass-half-full kind of person who tries to see the greatness in everyone he meets. We can all contribute or bring something to the table. Bob also shares his passion for hearing people’s stories and how he can help them on their journey.

Inspired by Bob’s takeaways, Chris stressed the importance of perspective. An easy litmus test is asking the question, am I living my life for me? Or am I living my life for other people? If you were living your life for other people, would it look different?


How we connect with each other can flush out cynicism. Luke shares how an optimistic worldview is crucial to the igniter mindset.  We all get to choose cynicism or to be an igniter. Luke purposely wakes up every day and tries to ignite some sort of change for the good of his people. It can bring more clarity around his purpose and help people become aware and be more intentional. If we can get more people to wake up and do the same thing, really cool things can happen.


Hannah shares how she considers igniters an inspiration to do the kind of work that she and her team do. It also helps Hannah fulfill her purpose. She shares how invaluable it is to connect to their partners, clients, and the people they work with to help spark fires, conversations, and new thoughts.


Chris shares his vision for a utopia organization where we screen for camaraderie, and we develop leaders to have an igniter mindset. Chris believes these businesses have a real opportunity to change the entire ecosystem and change the cynical conversations within our communities or what we see in public spaces. That’s where things come alive and where we look for really good things to happen.


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