Magic in the Room #52: Mindset: Outward Mindset w/ Special Guest Bob Schooley


People with an Outward Mindset take the time to understand other people’s needs, desires, and objectives before acting. An outward mindset is critical to building high-performance organizations where everyone is engaged. In this episode of Magic in the Room, Hannah, Luke, Chris, and Bob discuss ways to develop on Outward Mindset.


In recent episodes, the hosts have discussed how our mindset affects how we show up in the world. They have also talked about the differences between a fixed versus a growth mindset. If we believe that we come into this world with the gifts needed to be successful or not, it’s easy to think that we can’t change. For example, a natural artist that struggles with math and a fixed mindset will assume they can never be good at math.

By contrast, someone with a growth mindset will tell their teams that they can improve their skills if they work hard, have a willingness to be challenged and grow. But what is an inward and outward mindset? Bob believes that someone with an outward mindset genuinely cares about the well-being of others.

Luke compares an inward mindset to our hierarchy of needs. Once he knows there’s food on the table, he can give away some of his excesses and be more outward. Luke further explains that if there’s a roof over his head, he can offer shelter to someone else. When he is warm, he can provide warmth. These are just a few of many examples that highlight the hierarchy at play when exploring the differences between an inward and outward mindset.

Sure, it’s not easy to move towards a growth mindset if we’re predisposed to have a fixed mindset. Equally, it’s not easy to have an outward mindset if we’re predisposed to having an inward mindset. But Bob also believes that the ability to change our mindsets is probably one of the most challenging things in life. But it’s one of the most important and rewarding things that we’ll ever do.

Hannah shares how filling our own cup until overflows will ensure we always have something to give. Ultimately, it’s about understanding how we work and how our nervous system operates. We can then optimize our performance, not just in our technical output but also in the kind of energy we show up with every day. We can then influence the people around us, which will lead to greater performance.

Maybe the real challenge is when we spend 80% of our time filling our cups and forget to share them with other people. At the beginning of this episode, Luke was thinking about how inward and outward mindsets affect leaders or team members. But he is walking away from today’s conversation with something must bigger to think about.

How does an outward organization compare with an organization focused on inward surviving? If you would like to start a conversation about the mindset within your organization, Luke, Hannah, and Chris invite you to connect and share your insights.

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