Magic in the Room #50: Unlocking EQ: Collaboration

50: Unlocking EQ: Collaboration


When we create an environment of trust and shared purpose, collaboration is possible, but it is not always easy. In this episode, Hannah, Chris, and Luke share tactics to ensure collaboration.

If we’re going to be transformational and not transactional leaders, being able to collaborate with our team will play a crucial role. But Chris asks Hannah and Luke, why is it important? Luke shares how as individuals, we are really constrained with the experiences we have in life up to that point. We’re also constrained with the strengths and weaknesses that we have as an individual.


However, in a group, we are much less constrained. For Luke, it’s essential for him as a leader to pull the knowledge and wisdom and experience out of the group. To be more successful in any given challenge or scenario takes collaboration. Creating a space where people can bring the best of themselves to attack a problem and collectively create a solution makes a huge difference.


As a facilitator of collaboration, Luke also thinks one of the hardest challenges is ensuring everyone has a place at the table and the opportunity to share their insights. We must include the person who is quieter or doesn’t turn their camera on in a virtual meeting and not allow the loudest person in the room to take over. Everyone needs to be a part of this strategic conversation.


As humans, we are a social species that heavily rely on cooperation to survive and thrive in all aspects of our lives. The bonds we form influence our performance. If we take a collaborative approach that respects and honors and acts as a glue to those connection points, it has a big impact. People are more loyal; satisfied and feel fulfilled with the solutions that we create when collaborating.


Hannah discusses how our brains will default to work out our relationships when we’re not thinking about something. Collaboration is a huge part of how we work together to achieve great things. Our brains are wired for connecting with others. For Hannah, relationships are at the heart of how well we collaborate.


Although it can feel easier to do it yourself because it’s faster, you will always need to collaborate if you want to do it better. If you want true innovation and collaboration to happen, somebody must take the leadership mantle and bring everyone together. Chris likens this to inviting everyone under a tent with him to hear all the voices and see all the group’s perspectives.


Inclusive communication models and collaborative sessions can also be a big win for leaders. Ultimately, it’s about showing support for the people around you, which is a significant contributor to high-performing teams and leadership effectiveness. These are just a handful of reasons why Chris encourages listeners to buy a big tent and invite everybody they can.


Finally, the hosts share their love of emerging from difficult conversations around performance and effectiveness. They also discuss how teams can move from where they are to where they want to be. If you or your organization wants to start a conversation about building highly inclusive and intentional communication models, please message Chris, Hannah, and Luke at


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