Magic in the Room #5: Hannah: On Purpose

In this episode, we get a glimpse into Hannah’s personal evolution of purpose. She explores a few different ways to identify your unique individual purpose. Hannah also shares her journey of becoming more purposeful.

How do you define purpose? For Hannah, it is a reason to exist. She explains, “It’s why I’m alive, and it’s why I’m here.” At the core of it, whether it’s for individual personal purposes or an organization, we are all left with the burning question: Why do we exist? 


For Hannah, the journey has been an evolution. She admits she used to be the snooze queen that would hit the snooze button on her alarm clock every morning and has always struggled to get up early. But something changed when she read a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. There was a line in the book advising that everyone must have a purpose, and if you don’t know it, you simply need to pick one. That line proved to be a gamechanger moment for Hannah.


Understanding that she just needed to choose her purpose completely removed the pressure of finding it. Hannah talks about the moment she realized that she could pick something today and in a year from now select something different. Your sense of purpose should not be a one-time deal. It should evolve with you throughout your life.


In the second half of the episode, Hannah also shares the crucial moment that set her on a new course. The listener learns how significant differences in outcomes and fulfillment as clarity around our life’s purpose grows, and we became more intentional about how we show up, and the impact we can have.


After meeting Kimberly Davis, author of Brave Leadership, Hannah learned about the relationship between purpose and a super-objective that’s higher than your job and life situation. It’s that actionable overarching objective that delivered transformative thoughts for Hannah in terms of how she chooses to live her life and show up every day. 


Hannah was also inspired by the realization that to be a good partner or leader, you have to show up and be the best version of yourself. By contrast, if you’re not intentional about showing up as the best version of yourself every day, relationships start to deteriorate, whether that’s your primary relationship with your spouse or your partner, your children, or the people you lead in your organization. 


After learning the hard way that ten years ago, she hadn’t been investing in herself, this meant she wasn’t showing up as her best version. Discovering audiobooks enabled Hannah to digest 30-40 books a year and intentionally change her habits. But taking time to reflect each day and documenting what she is grateful for sets an intention for that day of being in the space of appreciation and gratitude. 


It’s much easier to change direction when you’re in motion. When you’re standing still, there is no movement, and you’re going nowhere. If you’re going somewhere, you can more easily go somewhere else. Finding your purpose is a journey, not a destination, so don’t be afraid to pivot as you go and adjust your course accordingly.


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