Magic in the Room #48: Meaningful Recognition w/ Special Guest Ashley Hurney

For people to feel genuinely appreciated, we must go beyond simply telling them they did a good job. Instead, we must give Meaningful Recognition, which is more intentional and thoughtful. In this episode, Luke, Chris, and Ashley Hurney of MTM Recognition discuss the science and tactics of giving meaningful recognition.

How memorable is your recognition strategy? Does it meet your objectives? What do you do to make your employees feel connected and engaged within your organization? At MTM recognition, they believe that excellence thrives where it is recognized. Can you remember a moment where others recognized your efforts? The hosts of Magic in the Room and MTM’s Ashley Hurney share their experiences and pivotal moments of recognition in their lives and explore the science behind it all.

Every business can have a service award program. The problem is that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. We weren’t built to checkboxes. As we progress, we should be blowing these tired concepts out of the water. Ashley shares her love of the book, The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, and how understanding these differences has helped MTM stand out in their culture with their employees and their customers.

Chris shares a meaningful recognition hack that can help listeners get past the behavior and the character of their employees. He advises it’s not just about showing up each day, but how you show up and communicate in a very human way. The real power of recognition is understanding how enabling people to be seen, heard, and understood can impact people’s lives. Ashley also shares how this ultimate hack is also taking recognition from transactional and elevating it to meaningful.

The hosts also discuss the concept of cash versus recognition. Luke questions if adding $100 to someone’s pay check as recognition will be remembered in 10 years from now. However, an experience such as a trip or tickets to a ballgame will be something that will stay with them forever. Ashley also shares that if you can peel back those layers and explore what will better contribute to your company culture, it’s never going to be cash. It will soon be forgotten, and it won’t help support and bolster your purpose.

When asked about the key takeaways from today’s episode, Chris shares how recognition is the evidence that provides meaning and belonging. It helps him recognize when he is seen, heard, and understood. For Ashley, the conversation was a reminder to always to take the time to do it, right. That’s when the fruits of your labor, your team, and your organization will all do better.

If you want to refresh your recognition strategy and explore the topic on a deeper level, the hosts invite you to explore how they can help your organization reinforce your purpose, values, and strategy. Equally, if you have any questions or want to share your insights, please message the team



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