Magic in the Room #38: Unlocking EQ – Learning Nimbly With Special Guest Ben West

The ability to be a nimble learner is a direct result of a growth mindset. In a world where the only constant is change, and the pace of that change continues to increase, being able to adapt, learn, and grow has become one of the most important keys to success. In this episode, Luke and Hannah explore how to learn quickly and nimbly with P&PG team member Ben West.

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Ben shares the importance of courage in the learning process. Many believe that they don’t have it within themselves to solve a problem in a group scenario, and others will lack the courage to speak up. These two things are often the cause of significant roadblocks within many organizations. Convincing every team member that they are encouraged to speak up and have the courage and tools to succeed is critical.


Sure, there’s an intellectual side to learning. But there’s also a belief side to learning too. Sometimes, teams simply need to collectively believe that they can overcome any obstacle or challenge if they work together. In this episode, the hosts share their experiences and observations from moments where they have witnessed a team or community begin to learn nimbly and the journey to unlocking a growth mindset.


We often think of situations as a win or a loss. Hannah shares her favorite quote from John C. Maxwell, “Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.” Hannah urges listeners always to have a learning mindset and reflect on what every situation is teaching them. Ask yourself, what did 2020 teach you? What have adversity, challenges, and failure taught you? When you have these answers, you can also explore bigger questions such as how to become a better person, teammate, and leader.


Without realizing it, many of us have multiple roles across many circles in life. Obvious examples are our families, group of friends, and as a team member in the workplace. Luke asks listeners to minimize the fear of failure and help everyone embrace the language of learning. By seizing opportunities and taking wise risks, the worst possible outcome is that we learn a lesson.


The fear of perfection is something that also prevents many from moving forward. Hannah reflects on how they launched the Magic in the Room podcast with only a little knowledge. In the first season, the team learned their craft and helped the show evolve in season two. Those learned lessons have helped improve the podcast, but they also know that the third season will be even better.


We can remove the fear of perfection by not setting the bar so high and focussing on becoming a little bit better each day. It’s okay if it’s not perfect yet and accepting that it’s a journey of continuous improvement rather than a destination will help you achieve your goals.


You can learn more about how being a nimble learner is a direct result of a growth mindset and also explore other aspects of the EQ Spectrum here. Chris, Hannah, and Luke also encourage you to share your experiences by sending an email to

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