Magic in the Room #36: Doing What We Love with Special Guest Jake Keyes

What does it take to leave behind the relative security of employment and launch into the adventure of entrepreneurship, to do what we love? It all starts in the mind. In this episode, meet Jake Keyes, founder of Skydance Brewing Company, the first Native-owned craft brewery in Oklahoma City. Chris and Hannah explore the mindset shifts that lead to Jake’s success as a brewer and full-time entrepreneur.

Jake is also the host of the Brewed with Hustle podcast and proudly reveals that he is the person that likes to sit next to the oldest guy at the bar and talk to him because he loves hearing their stories. But when he spent time in a nursing home, he found himself surrounded by people at the end of their life and every single one of them shared their stories of regret. Jake admits he scared the life out of him.

There was a universal theme to the stories that the residents shared with him. For example, I wish I would have had a better relationship with my son, or I was going to start this business etc. But now they found themselves wrestling with the fact they were going to die with regret. That was the moment where something clicked in Jake’s head, and he promised himself, that would not be him.

The arrival of a global pandemic ensured that 2020 was a turbulent year for businesses. Many people have asked Jake, “Do you ever fear your brewery will fail?” Although he might worry, he always replies, “I fear regret way more than failure” Worrying about his business failing will always be there, but at least he’s given it his best shot and done it.

Jake did not want to be the guy in the nursing home who’s got a lot of regrets because they didn’t create the things they wanted to or ended up living somebody else’s life because that’s what they were told you do. Jake shares how he has many friends who are trying to start their own business but talk themselves out of it.

There is one friend who has got a long list of things he wants to do. He’s got the ability, the talent, but his wife is afraid of that. Removing the safety net of not having a regular job with the securities that come with it is holding them both back. But Jake argues that it’s much scarier to be dependent on somebody else to do well in business and keep paying you.

Chris also shares how that veil of security really isn’t secure. It’s, it’s just a system that we’ve placed a lot of value in. But he encourages entrepreneurs to pave the runway and prepare. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as being employed by a company today and tomorrow going, independent. Much of the building can be done alongside your day job in your spare time.

Hannah and Chris were all inspired by Jake’s moving and inspiring stories. They would also love to hear from the listeners from their podcast community. If you are thinking about leaving the relative security of employment and be in charge of your own destiny or have already been on that journey, please share it with us.

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