Magic in the Room #10: Business Evolution

In this evolving conversation about change during the COVID-19 pandemic, you will hear from Chris, Hannah, and Luke about what is required for business transformation. Businesses that focus on developing and perfecting their human systems will continue to evolve and find a better path forward.



The team talks about courage and the ability to be comfortable being uncomfortable when surrounded by chaos and uncertainty. Typically, that’s the one time where you see change emerge. But where do you begin to help evolve your business and turn challenges into opportunities? Luke believes it starts with a vision of where you want to be. But that must be different from where you are now.


The level of clarity around your vision should drive how intentional or how quickly you can get to the next phase in the organization’s evolution. Sure, you can evolve without a clear vision. But if you don’t want the market to disrupt you, and you want the change to be intentional, you have to have some idea about where you’re going. Or at least be willing to admit that you want to go somewhere that you’re not right now.


What if we raised the bar of passion and expectation so that the status quo no longer acceptable? If we continue to live with our current operating procedures, team dynamics, level of impact on the world, whatever that is, most would agree that that would be a painful existence. Luke asks listeners to think about this and using it to help facilitate positive change.


Luke reminds listeners that they cannot evolve or transform alone. And then the other pieces, like know that you have power. Chris also agreed and highlights that it all starts with one courageous leader, and just it’s not a brick wall between the leader and change. There’s not something big to breakthrough. We have to be okay with the conflict and the headwinds.


Hannah reminds us that it’s all about choice. The beauty of the human brain is that we have a large prefrontal cortex that can override any emotional impulses that we might experience. Everything is assigned a positive or negative threat before it even gets a chance to get processed in our thinking brain.


However, once it’s there, that’s when we have the choice, because now we have awareness. And now we’re aware that something has shifted, or there’s been some incoming stimulus we may have made an unconscious value decision about, that’s the moment that we can change can override it. We choose our response, our next action, and communication.


If business evolution begins with the courage of individuals, it takes a team focus on the human system, and the individual human parts of that system to really kickstart the business evolution. For these reasons alone, employment development and building a culture where creativity and growth can thrive is crucial to how a business evolves.



After listening to this podcast episode, we invite you to share your stories about leaders’ courage and how to improve the competitive quality as we move forward together

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