Holiday Gratitude

If you had asked us in late 2019 to plan how we’d like 2020 to unfold, we’re sure you wouldn’t find many people whose goals and plans were executed as envisioned. Though 2020 has been marked by challenges, our team used the year time to reflect and experiment with new ways to connect with our community of clients and partners. We’re ending the year thankful for so many people and experiences who’ve been part of our stories this year. 

Our holiday wish is you’ll find time to reflect on the things you’re grateful for.

 Chris  I am grateful for a year full of terrifically rich stories, stories I will carry with me forever. I think about the courage of the front-line workers amid the pandemic, the families spending more time together while parents grow their relationships with one another, and their children. I will remember the courageous business leaders who completely reimagined multi-generational business models…and I will remember our troops who make the freedom to do all of these things possible. For all the suffering endured this year, remarkable achievements abound. Looking forward to sharing 2021 with an incredible team and all of our client-partners! 

Luke – This year was full of challenges and heartbreak. I walked with clients and friends through layoffs, illnesses, and financial challenges. Through it all, I remain amazed at the strength and resilience present in each human being with whom I’m in community. As the year comes to a close, I’m humbled and grateful for the example of those who wake each day to face another fight, and who show the courage and vulnerability to experiment with new ways to forge ahead in the midst of chaos, letting go of the safe, familiar, and old ways of being.

Bob – I am extremely grateful for the people I work with and for. Like most people, we had to rethink how we serve and help our community. This reflection has led us to more efficient and effective ways to support courageous leaders who are dedicated to building and nurturing healthy organizations in which all people flourish. Looking forward to an astounding 2021!

Hannah – With pain comes growth. For all the challenges of 2020, the growth, the innovation, the appreciation for community, and the incredible pivots and achievements that have happened not in spite of, but because of the obstacles we overcame together and apart, is nothing short of remarkable. My appreciation for this team and what we’ve accomplished is immense. The ways in which we are each miles ahead of where we were a year ago despite and because of big setbacks is not only paradoxical, it is also inspiring when we stop to look back at how far we’ve come. 2021 here we go! 

Steph – I am grateful for the fact that our team found a way to come together, develop new products and find new and innovative ways to serve our clients. Though what we do is important, so many people this year on the front lines of a global pandemic were doing life or death jobs. I am grateful to still have work as many go without. I am grateful to have been in powerful conversations with our clients as we supported them in facing the challenges of 2020. The entire P&PG team has showed me that there is absolutely nothing we cannot accomplish against any odds. 

Doug – I am grateful for the opportunity to join the P&PG team and to partner with so many amazing clients as we work together to improve ourselves, our organizations, and our communities. Transitioning from the military, many – including me – struggle to find a new purpose, and I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by a new huge extended family focused on discovering purpose and driving transformational performance.


Ben – I have much to be grateful for in a year that has been difficult for so many people. I am thankful for the opportunity to join a company that has embraced the challenge of adapting to the uncertainty of the year, rather than maintaining the status quo.  

Sarah – I am extremely grateful to be able to not only still be able to work, but with amazing people during this difficult time for businesses, teams, and individuals. It has been rewarding to be able to move through all the obstacles 2020 has brought our team and clients and come out stronger than ever, together.

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