We ignite the power of purpose within people and systems to drive transformational performance.

Purpose & Performance Group is a performance development agency that extracts the latent potential of organizations by tapping into the power of purpose to evolve individuals and the systems in which they work. Performance isn’t an obscure hope that if we’re nice to everyone the bottom line will magically improve.

We tap into the science of the human condition to evolve individuals and the systems in which they work. Our team engages in a powerful, real and deeply human way to initiate and support change. Our commitment to modeling new behaviors and mindsets encourages teams to embrace community and value the needs of others. Connect with us to discuss how we can support your organization’s ability to achieve its designed purpose.

Driven by Purpose. Focused on Performance.

We are committed to the creation and support of healthy, purpose-driven organizations.

We improve performance through a unique blend of organizational design expertise and empirical human behavioral research. The work of performance improvement is hard, full of challenges, and is for people with the courage to emerge the truths that constrain performance. These truths are the source of inspiration for new operating behaviors through immersive and compassionate applied development.

The Intentional Business Evolution Process

Learning is destabilizing and change is disruptive. This is why development has the<br /> power to disrupt the status quo and evolve systems. What is currently known and<br /> practiced within your organization is producing the current business outcomes.<br /> Transforming performance and evolving the organization requires developing new<br /> knowledge and new habits for the individuals within it.

Our Intentional Business Evolution Process

Gap Analysis

Every leader has a list of projects and problems that require more time to address than they have in their planner. Each engagement begins with a diagnostic evaluation and optimization of performance infrastructure. Using surveys, interviews, and business data analysis, we develop a picture of the current state. To spark business evolution, we collaborate on new structures and mindsets that align the individuals and teams within the organization to the most profound belief regarding its existence, the shared purpose. We anchor to this purpose while nurturing each individual’s path to role clarity and accountability. The balance of our work is about quantifying the gaps, prioritizing action items, and aligning all areas of the organization to address the highest priorities.

We Address Challenges as Learning Labs

Whether it’s in the trenches with front line team members or with executive leaders in the boardroom, we triage existing challenges and build executable strategies that transform results. We have the tough conversations that strike to the heart of existing challenges. We establish value alignment between the enterprise and the people within it, eliminating the disconnect between perceptions, feelings and actions in order to create confidence and energy across the system. The value of our work is created by the expanded capacity we provide and develop within others. Our team serves as a trusted council and provides the additional capacity needed for Executive Leadership Teams to overcome their most complex people and systems challenges.


Every week new business books hit the shelves with the promise of a simple solution to what ails you (usually in 5 EASY STEPS!). We know better. Every business is different, and understanding the unique factors is critical when crafting a program that actually moves the needle. That’s why we make a habit of measuring things like engagement, culture, and leadership effectiveness from the get-go. We combine hard data with the latest research, best practices, and case studies we can get our hands on. Our ability to understand this data separates us from the field. All P&PG team members have earned advanced degrees and performed empirical research in the field of organization development. It’s not all corduroy jackets and pipe smoking, though. We really get our kicks by closing the gap between what science knows and what businesses do.

Experiential Learning

Experiential interaction with business assessments, strategic concepts, and operational initiatives is more effective than classroom-based learning. We’re firm believers in research that shows high performing teams are more than just smart; they’re emotionally healthier than their competitors. We use experiential learning to clarify your organizational purpose, service commitment and people practices to fulfill your unique purpose. Experiential learning activities help us address organizational health and business intelligence at the same time. If all that isn’t enough, it’s also more fun.