Magic in the Room

Magic is found in every room where people connect over a shared purpose. In this weekly podcast, Luke, Hannah, and Chris explore the role of purpose, courage, mindset, and culture in every leader’s quest for transformational performance. Dive into the Purpose & Performance Group podcast, Magic in the Room, every week on your podcast streaming platform.



#27: Keep, Stop, Start

IAs old routines and ways of conducting business have been turned upside-down in this turbulent COVID-19 world, it is time to take inventory of how we spend our time and energy. In this episode, Luke, Chris and Hannah demonstrate in real-time ways to take inventory – and it starts with managing our energy so the relationships and activities that deserve our full attention and presence can thrive and flourish.

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#26: Unlocking EQ: Defaulting to Action (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this conversation about action orientation, Luke, Chris, and Hannah share the benefits of being action-oriented, and specific tactics to ensure action default.

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#25: Unlocking EQ: Defaulting to Action (Part 1)

In Part 1 of this conversation about action orientation, Luke, Chris and Hannah each share examples from their lives of when they activated on a specific initiative, and the impact it had.

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#24: Storytelling for Leadership Impact w/Special Guest Sarah Elkins

Storytelling coach, podcast host and author Sarah Elkins joins Luke and Hannah to discuss how the stories of our lives provide clues to finding purpose. A big takeaway is how the stories we tell ourselves and others impact the way we show up in the world, and how we lead ourselves and our teams.

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#23: Unlocking Courage

Trust takes courage. Accountability takes courage. Leadership, by its very nature, is a courageous act. In this episode, Chris, Hannah  and Luke share personal examples of courageous moments, and discuss what it means to have the courage to step out beyond the comfort zone so we can get into the growth zone.

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To ensure the type of accountability needed to execute successfully, we should focus both on how accountable we ourselves are, and on inviting accountability from others. In this episode, Luke FreemanChris Province, and Hannah Bratterud explore what accountability is, and how to achieve higher levels of accountability for ourselves and our teams.

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n this episode, Hannah, Chris and Luke explore the question “what is service?” and outline the three elements of an exceptional service experience. Stay tuned to the end for a special bonus: personal experiences with brands providing the best, and not-so-great service experiences!

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“Mindfulness” has become a buzzword in recent years, but what exactly is it and how can it help us perform better as individuals and as leaders? In this episode, mindfulness & meditation coach, mental health practitioner, speaker and best-selling author Oksana Esberard joins Hannah & Luke to discuss mindfulness as a high-performance practice, and the benefits of a holistic approach to mental health. Learn specific mindfulness practices for individuals and teams to gain clarity and purpose.

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Trust is fundamental to every human relationship. It is our first discovery along the EQ spectrum because it is the most important element of high-performance teams and effective organizations. In this episode, Chris, Luke and Hannah explore what trust is and how it shows up, and provide specific tactics for how to instill trust with those we lead.

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In this engaging conversation, Stephanie Licata, International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified master coach and Purpose & Performance Group’s VP of Executive Coaching Practice, joins Luke and Hannah to talk about what coaching is, what it isn’t and when is a good time to consider hiring a professional coach for yourself or your team.

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 #17: Unlocking EQ: Communicating Effectively

One critical discovery along the EQ spectrum is unlocking our ability to communicate effectively. In this episode, you will learn important communication strategies, and three areas of mastery for effective communicators.

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 #16: Engagement with Special Guest Bob Schooley

In this Episode, Luke and Chris are joined by Dr. Bob Schooley, SVP, Organizational Effectiveness Practice at Purpose & Performance Group to discuss the causes and effects of employee engagement, and what leaders can do to foster greater engagement by enhancing the employee experience.

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