"Don't wish it were easier. Wish you were better."

Jim Rohn

Mike Shackelford

Consultant, Auto Dealership Performance

Mike is a native Tulsan with an unequaled passion for influencing, motivating, mentoring and leading people. A 1991 graduate of Wright Christian Academy, Mike spent two years as an international missionary before moving to Lubbock, Texas for undergraduate studies at Sunset International Bible Institute. Returning home after graduation, Mike would become campus minister at his Alma Mater and would be instrumental in starting Sanctuary Fellowship of Christ Church where he was senior pastor for five years.

Mike and his wife Mary moved to her hometown of Escondido, California in 2007. The move allowed for the exploration of new opportunities and ultimately landed Mike in the car business. Over the next 11 years, Mike would apply his skills of supporting and developing people in this non-traditional environment to became one of the most successful auto dealership General Managers in Southern California. After establishing the highest volume and most profitable Kia dealership in San Diego, Mike became partner in an ownership group responsible for the operation of six stores. After an amazing run as an executive leader for more than a decade, Mike retired as a dealership owner/operator in January 2019.

Mike is now continuing his life’s work to help people become the best version of themselves. While his leadership expertise applies within any industry, Mike specializes in helping automotive dealerships create cultures that significantly improve performance by establishing differentiators that crush industry stereotypes.