There’s no difference between your goals and ours. We battle and win together.

Purpose and Performance Group supports exceptional leaders who build effective teams and create engaging workplaces where everyone wins… from front line to bottom line.  We do this through leveraging clear organizational purpose that clarifies and aligns company goals

Along the way we identify, prioritize, and close performance gaps. It’s all that simple. The reality, though, is we can address performance improvement in many ways. Check out these areas of expertise and let’s make time to find a starting place that addresses your unique needs. Contact us to start a conversation.

Purpose Discovery

Purpose is the beating heart of performance transformation.


Connect your entire organization through shared purpose to unlock potential, new levels of motivation and transformational performance. Our team will work to uncover your business’s unique purpose, which becomes the foundation for all organizational systems design. This intensive deep conditioning work is the first step courageous leaders take to bring clarity to their future and the transformation needed to get there.


Who this is for:

Organizations ready to elevate performance and optimize their peak potential.


Why this Matters:

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Strategic Planning & Execution

Clarify leadership intent through disciplined initiative.


Achieve next level role clarity and accountability for intentional business growth and development. Through disciplined initiative, we identify mission critical improvement opportunities and apply intentional focus and energy that moves organizations closer to their ideal state. During this process, objectives and key results are identified that when achieved, emerge transformational performance.


An effective strategic framework is required to properly orient all people and systems within an organization to its purpose. Our explicit strategic planning processes allows leaders to articulate their intent and supercharge each day with meaning for all team members, providing the needed context to their work that grows confidence and disciplined productivity.


Who this is for:

C-Suites ready to focus all energies on achieving specific outcomes that matter.


Why this matters:

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Organizational Communication Models

System-wide communication models for team clarity, alignment and engagement.


Engage employees more meaningfully and align all actions, behaviors and company-wide culture—virtually and in-office. We build organization-wide communication models to promote connection and create consistent practices of all-hands, stand-ups, feedback collection, check-ins and other ways to communicate forward momentum aligned on purpose. This shared mental model creates mutual responsibility to drive intentional business evolution.


Who this is for:

Organizations ready to transform performance


Why this matters:

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Leadership Development Programs

Connect and develop your leadership team to lead intentional business evolution.


The heart of transformational performance is the courage of individual leaders. Build habits for on-going growth and development of leaders and the leadership team. Align your organization’s leadership around a clear approach to leading the business and people.  We develop powerfully real and deeply human relationships as we leverage the science of the human condition in team-structured workshops accompanied with on-going growth mindset development. Together, we strengthen individuals and the team model for intentional business evolution.


Who this is for:

C-Suite, executive and senior leadership teams


Why this matters:

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Executive Coaching & Coaching Certification

Develop a management approach that builds upon the unique potential of every individual.


Develop the approach of individual team leaders in a way that elevates everyone on your team. One-on-one coaching of individuals and cohorts or certifications for your team members to train and coach others through every individual’s unique potential and motivations. The evolution of new mindsets  behaviors taps into the courage of individuals to anchor themselves and orient the team around purpose –leading people and the organization to transformational performance.


Who this is for:

  • Mid to senior level managers leading other individuals and teams
  • Teams ready to transform communication & performance
  • Organizations seeking to build a coaching culture


Why this matters:

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Sales Growth Training

Train the sales mindset to develop personal motivation and performance.


Reach new levels of sales performance with a more deeply engaged and intrinsically motivated team. The Sales Growth Training includes an interactive workshop with on-going reinforcement of new skills and habits. Together, we’ll help you implement shared philosophy and language, connecting the seller to a more meaningful sales cycle and outreach process.  Ignite performance with a more intentional sales organization.


Who this is for:

Sales teams; from junior sellers to sales leadership


Why this matters:

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G.U.E.S.T. Service Training

Elevate the standard of service delivery.


Set a new standard of service delivery for your frontline and elevate the customer experience. G.U.E.S.T. Service Training includes an interactive growth workshop with on-going reinforcement of new skills and habits. Together, we’ll help you implement shared philosophy, language and expectations across your service staff and supervisors, rooted in one purpose to ignite transformational performance.


Who this is for:

Frontline service staff and supervisors


Why this matters:

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