Magic in the Room Podcast #39: The Year Ahead – Predicting the Unpredictable

What will 2021 have in store for you? The impact of the year 2020 on a grand scale is unknowable and will likely continue to emerge for decades to come. In this episode, Luke, Chris, and Hannah discuss the potential trends in organizational culture, human networks, globalization, and other areas that might lie ahead in the new year and beyond.

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After many months of being confined to our homes and enduring limited freedom of movement, 2020 was notoriously tough. Here in 2021, things are beginning to look much more positive. Today’s podcast starts with the question, what are you most looking forward to when we’re not constrained?


Hannah shares how she will return to Norway and spend some time with her family. Sticking with the travel theme, Hannah also wants to find a beach somewhere and soak up some warmth and sunshine in her life. Although Luke is looking forward to adventures with his family in the mountains, he also missed the simple things in life, like walking into a client’s office for the first time.


Luke is looking forward to soaking up the culture of a client’s workspace and understanding its personality in a way that doesn’t come across in a video conferencing call. The sense of discovery and the opportunity to connect with people and help them is something that Luke has missed more than anything.


Chris agrees that one of the most exciting aspects of no longer being constrained is connecting differently again. He also shares how he is missing the shared experiences we all took for granted. Going on adventures with his kids, riding bikes and scooters, or waking up deciding to take his family to Disneyland.


However, this episode’s big focus is exploring your company vision for 2021 and how a leadership mindset will guide you forward. Hannah discusses how many people are discovering their areas of expertise no longer exist or are relevant in the world. She warns how this could quickly lead to resentment.


We have the power to choose our mindset. It’s easy to become angry if you have spent a great deal of time learning how to operate effectively within a system that changed forever. Alternatively, we can recognize the new reality and learn additional skills to build a better plan, and then learn how to thrive in a new system. All of this ties back to our previous episode of learning nimbly.


It is possible to change our mindset by choosing to look at every change as an opportunity to learn. As we move from entitlement to gratitude, we can all let go of resentment. Rather than building pre-pandemic solutions, we also have an opportunity to approach things with fresh eyes as we emerged from a period when we were feeling around in the dark.


How are you positioning yourself or your business to succeed in 2021 as we prepare to enter a new world? Share your experiences by messaging Chris, Hannah, and Luke at

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