Magic In The Room Podcast #3 – Luke: On Purpose

In this episode, we get a glimpse into Luke’s personal evolution of purpose. We learn two distinct ways of looking at purpose, and how he defines and interprets what it means to live life intentionally. Luke shares his journey along with the moments of insight and clarity that set him on a new course from career #1 to career #2.

In a world of digital distractions and being bombarded with notifications on our smartphones, are we ever truly present in the moment? In today’s conversation, the team talks about why being present is required to explore the positive potential power of every day and doing our best work today.

What does purpose mean to you? And how do you interpret it? For Luke, a purpose is something that somebody is made for. If you think of the purpose of a hammer, it’s different than the purpose of a screwdriver, unless you have to turn that screwdriver around and use the handle he explains.

Luke Freeman shares his journey into purposeful, intentional life and leadership. As he has matured, learned and grown, Luke also shares his journey towards intent and being as impactful and effective as he can be by bringing his strengths to the table.

We seldom stop to think about how our strengths can quickly become our weaknesses. For example, a driven person will work until they pass out and don’t have any energy left. But in today’s podcast, they discuss the importance of inhaling as much as exhaling and sometimes giving yourself permission to enjoy something just for you. Even if it’s a simple thing, like taking the dog for a walk, or going for a bike ride.

At Devil’s Den State Park, there is a 16-mile long hike which is a giant loop. It’s hard and your feet hurt at the end of it. It’s not an easy trail. There are lots of ups and downs. But Luke advises that when out there in the woods by yourself for 12 hours, you can feel your senses come alive. Sometimes, we need to put the tech away to recapture moments like this.

Luke also explains how the ability to be present and mindful can be a huge differentiator. The power of every day is unknown. What we can accomplish today is also unknown, because the potential of every human is unknown. Creating space and the ability to explore our beliefs and behaviors can help us live a life of purpose and improve our performance.

Learning to be present can help bring calm and peace to the middle of a stressful and chaotic week. But it’s not always easy to put into practice. Do you have any examples of how the competency of being present can be a game-changer?

After listening to this episode, we invite you to share your leadership stories and experiences with us by commenting below.

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