Magic In The Room Podcast #2 – On Purpose

What does it mean to lead “on purpose”? In this episode, Luke, Hannah, and Chris explore the concept of “agile purpose.” Starting with the things they can do now what they couldn’t do a year ago, they explore the benefits of having a clear purpose in their personal and professional lives. But also, the role that it plays in elevating their performance.

This episode is a call to courageous and soulful leaders who want to emerge with a clear purpose, and who are looking for ways to define and discover their personal purpose. As a listener, what are the things that you can do today that maybe you couldn’t do a year ago? And how are you leading with agile purpose?

If you’re not practicing something that will enable you to make a change, fear of something is most likely the root cause. Could it be fear of political repercussions and your organization? Is it fear of letting go of something that you’re going to have to let go of if you’re going to default to action? Or could it be fear of failure and not being perfect?

What is that thing that you’re afraid of? And how do you get that on the table so you can courageously address it in default to action and iterate yourself into an authentic purpose? Some of the challenges discussed in this episode are learning how to contribute more instead of just consuming. When searching for meaning and fulfillment, we also talk about how you cannot find it without a certain amount of reflection.

Finding your clear purpose in life requires reflection on your actions and experiences. The team discusses how you’ve got to start by taking action and gaining experience and finally reflecting on that. But you need to accept that you can’t reflect yourself to a purpose or leadership if you are caught in a vacuum.

In a nutshell, we all must have actions and specific experiences to reflect upon. Why? We don’t learn from experience; we learn from reflecting on those experiences. It’s when we reflect on our lives that we’re able to become clear on finding our purpose and then how to continue to live that purpose on an ongoing basis.

Why does execution eat strategy for breakfast? We all know people that talk a great game but struggle to take action. But identifying a reason to get out of bed and default to an action every day will help you put a lens on every decision that will become your differentiator. When competing against other businesses, organizations, and teams, having that lens sets you apart from your competitors.

Getting that lens on every behavior and approaching everything that we do in a way that allows us to fulfill that promise will also pave the way for success.

These are just a few reasons why Luke, Hannah, and Chris believe it’s essential to do a little digging about how to grow as leaders. But how will you develop your abilities as you work through the year and ensure you have something to look back on and reflect in 2021?

After listening to this episode, we invite you to share your leadership stories and experiences with us by commenting below.

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