Magic in the Room Episode 17 -Unlocking EQ Communicating Effectively

One critical discovery along the EQ spectrum is unlocking our ability to communicate effectively. In this episode, you will learn important communication strategies and three areas of mastery for effective communicators.

Can you remember a moment in your life where effective communication has significantly impacted you? Luke reflects on how he stayed up all night reading Jurassic Park, by Michael Creighton in sixth grade. He also shares the excitement of seeing the movie and the fantastic progression of technology that brought the CGI dinosaurs to life. The feeling of awe and wonder that sent shivers throughout his body has remained with him throughout his adult life


For Chris, is it was the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus, which showcased the power of cinematic communication. The story of an educator with big dreams for his family and himself that didn’t turn out how he envisioned is a universal theme that most can relate with. But the final anthem was created by the accumulation of moments in his life and not achieving his overarching grandiose vision of the life he wanted.


The movie taught Chris to find the beauty in every transaction, every engagement, and every connection that makes life meaningful. Stepping away from Hollywood, Hannah shared how she found herself drifting, without any apparent purpose ten years after leaving college, and asked, “Where am I?” But something her brother told her had an inspirational impact that would remain with Hannah for the rest of her life. “Hannah, you’re intellectually under stimulated.”


Although initially shocked, she quickly realized he was right. She had not been challenging herself or doing anything to develop as a person, both professionally and personally. The brief message reminded Hannah of her love of learning that she had set aside for so many years while going through the motions in life. After enrolling in an organizational psychology program, Hannah then met her fellow podcast hosts and continues to enjoy pursuing constant learning and using her mind.


These three personal stories highlight how effective communication can be delivered through many different channels. But communication doesn’t happen until the message that’s being transmitted has been picked up and interpreted and received by the other person. Mastering your message is actually all about perspective-taking. It’s also crucial to remember that we all have different ways of learning.


Most people are visual learners to some extent, and also, kinesthetic learners, meaning they are hands-on and have to practice something to learn it. But auditory learners are the smallest group of people and their primary learning method is listening. Understanding the differences of our audience with their culture, background, and their learning style impacts how we communicate to make sure that messages are received effectively.


Finally, Luke challenges everyone listening to enjoy meaningful communication that advances their purpose and has clear goals. Remember to ensure that it’s attuned to your audience’s needs and is sensory informed so that they are primed to hear your message. But don’t be afraid to ask for feedback so you can continue to improve.


What are moments from your own life where effective communication has significantly impacted you?

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