HR Best Practices

Attract & Retain

Recently heard and interesting summarization – “the war for talent is over and talent won!”

Before you throw in the towel; consider the progressive approaches below that are generating success with regards to attracting and retaining talent.

  • Define / refresh your organization’s purpose – lead with your “why we do what we do” when connecting with your candidates
  • Provide a compelling referral program – encourage and reward ($) employees who refer candidates
  • Streamline your application process – make it extremely easy and fast for a candidate to connect with your organization
  • Starting on Day 1, provide new employees with career coaching – help new employees map out their next steps and build a development plan
  • Conduct frequent (weekly) informal check-ins – maintain an ongoing conversation with your new employees; help them settle in and execute their plan
  • Create a work environment that cultivates engagement – focus on selecting and developing transformational leaders who inspire through purpose

For more information:  P&PG’s “Employee Lifecycle Best Practices”

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