Hello, Generation Z!

The work cohort born after 1996 is referred to as “Generation Z,” and they are beginning to enter the workforce.  Though their impact on workforce characteristics is still a mystery to many, Generation Z is already different than those who came before them. To prepare your workplace for the next wave of young professionals, you need to understand what motivates this group of employees.

Here are 13 Gen Z insights every HR department should understand and consider:

  1. Generation Z is the largest generation ever
  2. This cohort is also the most racially diverse generation in America (Door of Clubs)
  3. By the year 2020, Zs will comprise 24% of the global workforce (Manpower Group)
  4. They are very passionate about making the world a better place (TLNT)
  5. They want purpose-driven workplaces that are connected with bigger life missions
  6. Generation Z relies on authentic interactions with peers and trusted influencers when evaluating jobs and career options (Center for Generational Kinetics)
  7. They view themselves as global citizens, seamlessly interacting with global peers
  8. They value work cultures that encourage and support diversity and inclusion
  9. #1 cause that Gen Z wants to see their employers support is equality (Door of Clubs)
  10. Gen Z also rates a mentorship program as the second most important benefit – health care was #1 (Door of Clubs)
  11. They view digital video six times more than they read traditional blogs (Fullscreen)
  12. They view traditional company employment differently than previous generations, due in part to the explosion of online side hustles and the gig economy
  13. Gen Zs on-demand lifestyle is extending from their personal life to their work life –  remote work expectation may be intensified with Gen Zs who highly values flexibility in their work schedule.

Bottom line:

Gen Z is a diverse, talented and purpose-driven cohort with some crazy upside when it comes to leveraging technology, creativity and innovation in the workplace.  They are also a work cohort that is steadfast in their values and beliefs (diversity and equality). Creating an agile, inclusive employee experience will continue to grow in importance as the Gen Z cohort, the largest generation EVER, begins to join the workforce.  

Are you ready for the Zs?  There is still some time for HR to get in front of this game-changing opportunity!

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